State of the City Quarterly Update

State of the City Quarterly Update

Auckland’s work-life balance, sustainable economy and student appeal improve, but safety, innovation investment and traffic performance lag

The first Quarterly Update on Auckland’s State of the City follows the comprehensive report released in August.  It offers a snapshot of how Auckland is tracking based on recently published indicators, information on just some of the progress underway and insights on future action needed.

The Update highlights Auckland’s 5th place for work-life balance and its return to the top 30 most student-friendly cities globally.  However, it reports that safety and transport concerns persist with the city’s traffic performance in the bottom group of cities Auckland compares with. “ .  In the innovation sector, Auckland’s data centre performance is rated within the bottom 5 in the APAC region.  The update also sheds light on some of the new projects aimed at improving Auckland’s performance on these areas and more, as well as referencing the considerable other public and private sector project work underway across Auckland.

While the report notes progress in areas more conducive to change, it says the greater collective effort is needed to address Auckland’s more systemic challenges.

The Quarterly Report can be viewed here: State of the City: Quarterly Update. The next update will be released in February 2024.