A better Auckland future through diverse engagement and thoughtful influence

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Auckland is a fantastic city, full of potential. CfA exists to lead the drive to fulfil the city of Auckland’s potential and find the ways to deliver on the opportunity for our city and its citizens on the global stage and as our chosen home to live, work and play.

We are engaged in Auckland right now and furthering our rich history of impact and contribution to the city and region.

We are about building connection, behaviour and initiatives to a better Auckland for All.

CfA’s objectives are:

  • To assist members to be well-informed concerning matters impacting the city’s future.
  • Engendering civic participation.
  • Marshalling Auckland’s many leaders.
  • Developing and maintaining a unified vision for the long-term (30 year) future Auckland.
  • Maintaining political neutrality.
  • Constituting an entity that facilitates courageous positions to be articulated.
  • Inclusive, broad representation and participation.
  • Serving as a sounding board for: local government, central government, corporates and Auckland stakeholders.

CfA is proud of our part in creating the SuperCity and committed to seeing Auckland thrive.

Connect. Think. Do.

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